Cyber Hobby 9122 M-50 SUPER SHERMAN Israeli Medium Tank

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M-50 SUPER SHERMAN Israeli Medium Tank

Cyber Hobby 9122 



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M-50 SUPER SHERMAN Israeli Medium Tank

A new Orange Box kit is joining Dragon’s 1/35 scale collection. The item in question is an Israeli M50 Super Sherman accompanied by a set of four Israeli paratrooper figures.

The M50 Super Sherman was an important element in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) for nearly 30 years beginning in 1956 when it first appeared.

The Super Sherman mated a 75mm CN 75-50 gun from France onto an M4 Sherman hull, with most tanks featuring HVSS suspension and a Cummins V8 diesel engine. It represents a prime example of how an obsolete tank can be upgraded to new capabilities far beyond the original role envisioned for it. In total, Israel converted approximately 300 M50 tanks by 1964. The M50 Super Sherman saw combat in the Six-Say War in 1967, as well as the Yom Kippur War in 1973. In doing so, it proved itself capable of taking on newer tanks like the Soviet-built T-54 and T-55.

This Orange Box item is a re-release of Dragon’s original M50 Super Sherman kit. It is a popular 1/35 scale kit that builds into an accurate replica of the original Israeli tank. The tank has also been upgraded with the inclusion of a DS tracks for even greater convenience. There are also four Israeli paratrooper figures to accompany the tank, thus allowing modelers to create an instant diorama. The figures are fully geared and armed with a variety of typical Israeli weapons. Israel has been involved in some desperate conflicts over the years, and a combat scene can be recreated with this Orange Box item that comes at a very reasonable price.

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  • M-50 SUPER SHERMAN - Israelische leger - Unidentified Unit, IDF, 1967.

  • M-50 SUPER SHERMAN - Israelische leger - Unidentified Unit, IDF, Golan Heights 1967.

Aantal onderdelen; 380

  • Israeli Paratroopers

Schaal 1:35

Released by Cyber Hobby / Dragon in 2010.

Cyber Hobby 9122 

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