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Italeri 6442 


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Officially presented at the opening of FIATs Mirafiori plant in May 1939, the AB 40 was, at the time, something of a cutting-edge vehicle.

Thanks to innovative solutions such as double drive and spare wheels mounted as neutral to help get over obstacles, it was a match for any foreign rival in the same class. The AB 41 version, introduced in 1941, included several improvements, yet its main weapon (a 20 mm Breda 35 cannon) remained the same. Capable of over 70 Kph on the road and nearly 40 Kph off road (twice that of other vehicles in the Regio Esercito), it proved effective in combat despite the defects caused by use of poor materials in the armour and the complex 4-wheel steering system. It was later replaced by the improved AB 43 version.

Vijf uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • AUTOBLINDA AB 41 - Wehrmacht, Aufkl.Abt.236, 162nd (Turkische) Infantry Division, Italy, begin 1944.

  • AUTOBLINDA AB 41 - Wehrmacht, I./Elite-Polizei Rgt. Bolzano, Italy, zomer 1944.

  • AUTOBLINDA AB 41 - Regio Esercito, Lancieri d Montebell Rgt., Rome, September 1943.

  • AUTOBLINDA AB 41 - Regio Esercito, Unknow unit, Sicily, 1943.

  • AUTOBLINDA AB 41 - Repubblica corazzato Leonessa, Torino, Italy begin 1945. 


  • Lengte .151 mm

Schaal 1:35

Released by Italeri in 2005.

Italeri 6442 

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