Dragon 7312 SHERMAN Mk.V 'TULIP'

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Dragon 7312 


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The rocket-equipped Shermans were used in combat during the Rhine crossings and they achieved success against targets like roadblocks and enemy personnel sheltering in buildings and woods.

They also gave a huge morale boost to British troops! The rocket and launcher details on this new Dragon model are subtle and accurate, as are all the details of the existing M4A4 tank. The launch of this new model thrusts the Sherman M4A4 into a whole new modeling dimension!


  • Newly tooled 60lb rocket delicately reproduced
  • Storage bin and rear stowage box with crisp details
  • 3 types of rotor shield included as options
  • 2 types of gun shield included as options
  • Slide-molded one-piece gun barrel
  • Slide-molded upper hull with crisp details
  • One-piece slide-molded lower hull
  • Turret produced from slide mold
  • On vehicles tools recreated in exquisite details
  • Finely detailed light guards
  • Photo-etched parts upgrading details
  • DS tracks
  • Cartograf decal with various markings

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  • SHERMAN Mk.V 'TULIP' - 1st Armoured Battalion Coldstream Guards, Germany 1945 (3X).  

Aantal onderdelen; 130

Schaal 1:72

Released by Dragon in 2020.

Dragon 7312 

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Dragon 7312 SHERMAN Mk.V 'TULIP'

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