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Dragon 7318 


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Developed by FMC Corporation (now united Defense, LP), first production models of the LVTP7 made their appearance in 1971. This 17-ton amphibious vehicle is widely used by the U.S. Marines today, as well as marine forces of other nations.

Surprisingly for such a large and ponderous-looking vehicle, the AAV7 can achieve speeds of up to 64km/h on roads and 13.5km/h in water.
Dragon has previously released 1/72 scale kits of the AAVP7A1, but the latest kit offers something extra. The set includes an MK-154 Mine Clearance System mounted in the AAV. Firing up to three rocket-projected explosive line charges into a minefield, the MK-154 system can produce a safe lane up to 16m wide and 100m long. This self-contained electric and hydraulic mine-clearing equipment is ideal for beach assaults. While the U.S. Army employs a towed version, the MK-154 "triple shot line charge" was developed by the Marines for amphibious operations. Based on Dragon's successful AAV kit, this item offers the brand new line charge system, which is stored in the rear compartment until required to fire a charge. All its glorious detail is revealed through the roof hatches that can be displayed open or closed. This unique model represents an unusual vehicle in the USMC inventory, and it is sure to please fans of modern armored equipment.

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • AAV7A1 MICLIC USMC - U.S.marine Corps, 2006. 

Aantal onderdelen; 130

Extra Details:

  • New tooled MICLIC

  • New hatch can be assembled open or closed

  • Upper and lower hulls have attachment points for add-on armor

  • Suspension with crisp detail

  • Return rollers finely reproduced

  • One-piece tracks made in DS

  • Photo-etched upgrading details

Schaal 1:72

Released by Dragon in 2007.

Dragon 7318 

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