Dragon 7238 JAGDPANZER IV L70 'Command Version'

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Jagpanther IV L/70 Command Version w/Aluminum Barrel

This kit includes all of the modifications associated with the L/70 Command Version including the correct antenna mount, photo-etched star antenna and even a wire antenna rod!

Main Features:

  • Star antenna (photo-etched part)
  • New tooling for antenna mount
  • Antenna rod made of metal wire
  • One-piece slide-molded barrel
  • Bonus aluminum barrel
  • Detailed tracks manufactured in Dragon Styrene
  • wide range of new Cartograf decal markings available
  • Fully detailed on-vehicle tools
  • Slide-molded exhaust pipes
  • Travelling barrel clamp can be assembled locked or at rest
  • Upper hull and lower hull have maximum detail
  • Engine deck and fenders with accurate details
  • One-piece return rollers are accurately made and convenient to assemble, thanks to slide mold technology
  • Road wheel hubs are separate pieces, allowing
  • Unparalleled crispness of detail

About the Jagdpanzer IV:

 Weighing 25.8 tons, the Late Version of Germany’s Jagdpanzer packed a lethal punch with its 7.5cm PaK42 L/70 gun. It was designed exclusively as a tank hunter, and its low profile and powerful armament ensured it was successful in this role. The Late model had two steel-rimmed wheels at the first two wheel stations, because of the failure of earlier rubber-tired wheels due to the increased weight of extra armor.

Vijf uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  •  Unidentified Unit, Germany, 1945.
  •  Unidentified Unit, Germany, 1945.
  •  s.Pz.Abt. 665, Germany, 1945.
  •  Unidentified Unit, Hungary, 1945.
  •  Unidentified Unit, Hungary, 1945.

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Dragon 7238

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