MW7220 T-34/D-30

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The 122 mm howitzer (D-30) was designed as a replacement to the WWII 122 mm howitzer M-30 and entered Soviet service in the late 1960, it was also used by as many as 60 other countries. The D-30 was also used as a SPG mounting by Egypt with the gun mounted on a modified T-34 chassis as well as being housed in a large turret for added crew protection.

The D-30 had a longer 38 calibre barrel than the M-30 resulting in greater range and also used a unusual tripod mounting that allowed full 360 degree traverse. Another unusual feature was the large tow linkage under the muzzle brake with the barrel forming the trail in travel mode.

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  • Syrian self-propelled howitzer T-34/D-30

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MW7220 T-34/D-30

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