Revell 00026 Torpedo Boat PT 167

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Torpedo Boat PT 167

Revell 00026 


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Torpedo Boat PT 167


The US Navy's fast and robust Torpedo Boats achieved great successes, especially in the Pacific theatre of war.

On 5th November 1943, PT167 was under way with a convoy from Cape Torokina towards the Treasury Islands. A sudden attack by 12 Japanese Torpedo Bombers was followed by vehement defensive action. After a low flying bomber had hit the radio mast on PT167, the boat received another heavy hit but no explosion followed. During a succeeding attack by another bomber squadron the gunners on PT167 shot down an enemy aircraft. During an inspection of the boat after the battle a huge hole was discovered in the bow. An enemy torpedo had penetrated the bow above the waterline without exploding.

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  • Motor torpedo boat ELCO 80-ft-class - US Navy, PT 167, Commander Th. Berlin, Nov. 1943, Cape Torokina, Pacific Ocean

  • Motor torpedo boat ELCO 80-ft-class - US Navy, PT 109, Commander Lt. John F. Kennedy, 1943

Aantal onderdelen; 82

  • Lang; 334 mm.


  • Revell Historical Model Construction Kit
  • One-Piece Hull
  • Textured Deck
  • Detailed Superstructure and Bridge
  • Separate Drive Shafts and Propellers
  • 2 Twin Machine Guns
  • One Oerlikon Gun and Mount
  • Crew Figures
  • 4 Torpedoes
  • Display Stands

Revell verf kleur nr.'s; 5 / 9/ / 36 / 69 / 83 / 88.

Released by Revell in 2011.

Revell 00026 

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Revell 00026 Torpedo Boat PT 167

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