Revell 06728 SITH Infiltrator STAR WARS War Game

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SITH Infiltrator STAR WARS War Game

Revell 06728 


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SITH Infiltrator STAR WARS War Game

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Darth Maul's personal spaceship is conspicuous for its unusually long nose. Its best feature by far is the camouflage system that makes it invisible to most sensors. The equipment is operated by the rare and costly stygium crystals that are only obtainable on the Aeten II planets in the outer rim, so that hardly any such camouflage systems are found on other spacecraft. In addition to its six concealed laser cannon, the Infiltrator carries a broad range of additional equipment, including Darth Maul's Speeder and various Droid sensors. The powerful ion drive gives it high speeds in space, while the Sienar SSDS hyper spacedrive only offers medium speeds. The Infiltrator is known for the pursuit of the Jedi on Tatooine and was discovered on Naboo after the showdown with Qui Gon-Jinn. The origin of this spacecraft is unknown, but that it is connected with the Sienar System research laboratory is shown by the round cockpit, also a feature of the TIE Fighter series. Darth Maul is one of the Zabrak people and comes from the planet Iridonia. He is recognizable by the round horns on his head.
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Afmetingen; Lengte.100 mm / Breed. 60 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 22 stuks

Schaal 1:257

Released by Revell in 2008.

Revell 06728 

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Revell 06728 SITH Infiltrator STAR WARS War Game

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