Hasegawa 00968 F2A-1/2 BUFFALO "U.S. NAVY COMBO"

Artikelnr: Hasegawa 00968

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The Brewster F2A (company Model 139) was an American fighter aircraft which saw limited service during World War II. In 1939, the F2A became the first monoplane fighter aircraft used by the US Navy. In December 1941, it suffered severe losses with both British Commonwealth and Dutch air forces in South East Asia while facing the much more maneuverable Zekes of the Japanese navy and the army's Oscars. It also saw action with US Marine Corps squadrons at the Battle of Midway, where it was equally outclassed. Hindsight being what it is, had these pilots not tried to dogfight with the much more experienced Japanese, and used 'hit and run' tactics, the aircraft may have fared better. The F2A was derided by some American servicemen as a "flying coffin", due to poor construction and perceptions of its general performance.

Despite this reputation, the F2A proved a potent weapon with the Finnish Air Force, against the Soviet Air Forces. These Finnish planes were identical to the F2As flown by the US Navy and Marines as they were pulled from the production line to be hurried to Finland for combat in the Winter War. One of the reasons the Brewster was so much more successful was due to using proper tactics for the aircraft and because they were flown by much more experienced pilots.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • VF-2 U.S.Navy - USS LEXINGTON 2X.

  • VF-3 U.S.Navy - USS SARATOGA 1939 2X.

Aantal onderdelen; 1X 47 & 1X 55.


  • Lengte 110 mm 
  • spanwijdte 148 mm.

Schaal 1:72

Hasegawa 00968

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Hasegawa 00968 F2A-1/2 BUFFALO "U.S. NAVY COMBO"

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