Hasegawa 01564 F-16I Sufa IDF/AF

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                F-16I Sufa - IDF/AF

The F-16I nicknamed "Sufa" (Storm) is manufactured by "Lockheed Martin" and equipped with a "Pratt & Whitney" engine as well as advanced systems developed in Israel according to the IAF's specifications by the country's defense industries.
Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT) - These tanks are manufactured by the  "Israel Aircraft Industries"  and increase the aircraft's amount of internal fuel by 50%. Their purpose is to significantly prolong the aircraft's flight range and ability to remain in the air. The tanks are installed the plane's back and conform to it's figure.

AGP-68(V)X Radar - Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) enabling the tracking of ground targets day or night, at any type of weather. The radar improves target-tracking performance and allows for automatic targeting instead of manual, thus saving valuable time. The radar also features improvements in the field of aerial targets including aquistion range and tracking quality.

Helmet Mounted Cueing System - An Israeli development. On top of the goggles which F-16I pilots and navigators wear is displayed various aircraft information such as height, speed and weapon systems data. This data be linked to the system, enabling the weapons to be launched on an enemy target using sight only. In addition, a camera mounted in the helmet records that which the pilot views allowing examining what the pilot saw in flight during debriefing.

Dorsal spine Avionics Compartment - An integral part of the advanced systems installed in the plane was developed precisely to the IAF's specifications by the country's defense industries. According to the IAF's traditions, The F-16I is equipped with advanced electronic warfare systems developed in Israel. These systems are improved models based on those installed in the F-15I . The aircraft features advanced Israeli communication systems as well.

600-gallon wing tanks - Improving the aircraft's range and persistence. The tanks are mounted on unejectable supports.

Satellite communication - The F-16I features two new communication devices manufactured by Elta and Rafael, including a UHF radio with new encoding methods and long distance relay capabilities.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • ISRAELI AIR FORCE, 119th Squadron #497.

  • ISRAELI AIR FORCE, 119th Squadron #119.

  • ISRAELI AIR FORCE, 253rd Squadron #253.

Aantal onderdelen: 107 


  • Lengte 202 mm
  • Spanwijdte 132 mm

Schaal 1:72

Released by Hasegawa in 2010.

Hasegawa 01564

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