Italeri 1276 Fiat CR.42 LW

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Fiat CR.42 LW

Italeri 1276 


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Fiat CR.42 LW

Based on the earlier C.R.32, which obtained remarkable results during the Spanish War, the C.R.42 was made entirely of metal and had a A.74 engine of 840 HP. 200 specimens denominated Falco were ordered immediately by the Aeronautics division and were used during the initial phases of the Second World War. ?It was also very successful, commercially speaking and was indeed exported to Sweden, Belgium and Hungary. The lack of valid monoplanes extended the period of service of the C.R.42s in the line-ups of the Aeronautics division through to Armistice Day Following the 8th September 1943, production continued for Luftwaffe, who also used it widely as a night fighter. The total production exceeded 1.500.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Fiat CR.42 LW - 2/Nachtschlachtgruppe 9, Turin (Italy), April 1944.
  • Fiat CR.42 LW - 2/Nachtschlachtgruppe 9, Turin (Italy), April 1944. 
  • Fiat CR.42 LW - 1/Nachtschlachtgruppe 9, Fabrica di Roma (Italy), March 1944.

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  • Lengte 114 mm.

Schaal 1:72

Italeri 1276

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Italeri 1276 Fiat CR.42 LW

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