Smêr 0875 Curtiss P-40K Kittyhawk Mk.III

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Curtiss P-40K Kittyhawk Mk.III

Smêr 0875 


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CURTISS P-40K / Kittyhawk Mk.III 

The Curtiss P-40 was designed in 1938 in order to meet the USAAF need for a high-altitude fighter based on the P-36A.

The orginal Wright Cyclone radial engine was replaced by an Allison in-line engine with a ones-stage mechanical compressor. The montage of the more powerful Allison and Packard-Merlin engines in the original airframe substantially altered the appearance of the front, the cockpit glazing and armament. A number of other versions, rounded out by the P-40N, followed. The last version, wich differed substantially from the orginal type, was the P-40Q wich was not put into series production. The P-40K evolded from the P-40E in 1942. The orginally installed Allison V-1710-39 engine was replaced by the more powerful Allison V-1710-73 unit. This more powerful engine caused problems with directional stability during takeoff. A simple solution was adopted te remedy the problem - the tail fin was enlarged with te short transition part to the fuselage. This modification was made to the first 800 P-40K-1 and the P-40K-5 planes. The solution used to elimate this problem in the P-40F powered by the Merlin engine was adopted for another 500 K-10 and K-15 sereis fighters - the back part of the fuselage was extended and the vertical tail surfaces were moved, back by 20 inch. The Curtiss P-40K  fighters served with US Troops in the Mediterreanean the Middle East and the Far East India and the Pacific. .P-40` deliverd to Commonweahlt troops, the UK received 192 P-40K version planes under the name Kittyhawk MK.III. The second largest buyer was the soviet Union, wich received some of 2069 P-40 fighters of the K version. altough the p-40 never performed up to specification and was one of the most inconsistent planes of its era, it became the first US one-seat fighter to be put into mass production. a total of 13,738 were build.  

Drie uitvoeren mogelijk;

  • P-40K, USAF, pilot G.D.Hoobs, Tunis 1943. 

  • Kittyhawk Mk.III, Soviet Air Force, pilot N.F.Kuzn?cov, Rusland 1943.

  • Kittyhawk Mk.III, RAF, 112 "SHARK" Squadron, 239 Wing Desert Air Force, Medenine - El Hamma, Tunis, 1943. 

Aantal onderdelen: 40


  • Lengte 132mm 
  • Spanwijdte 157mm.

Humbrol verf nr:

Versie A,B & C 

  •  11  Metallic Silver 
  •  24  Matt Trainer Yellow
  •  33  Matt Black
  •  53  Metallic Gunmetal
  •  56  Metallic Aluminium
  •  66  Matt Olive Drab
  •  78  Matt Cockpit Green 
  •  81  Matt Pale Yellow
  • 147 Matt Light Grey

Versie  A   USAAF

  • 187 + 34  1 : 1 Matt Desert Pink
  •   25 + 34  1 : 5 Azure Bleu
  •   60                 Matt Scarlet

Versie B    Soviet Air Force

  • 29 Matt Dark Earth
  • 30 Matt Dark Green
  • 90 Matt Beige Green

Versie C    RAF

  • 29              Matt Dark Earth 
  • 60              Matt Scarlet
  • 93              Matt Middle Stone
  • 25 + 34 1:5 Matt Azure Bleu

Schaal 1:72

Released by Smêr in 2001.

Smêr 0875 

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