CO.2009 Armor of the Afghanistan War

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Boek over de samen stelling en organisatie van Soviet leger in Afganistan
Encyclopedie voor modelbouwer met foto's en schetsen.

This book provides a unique pictorial look at one of the most secret wars of the past decade- the Soviet war in Afghanistan. For most of the time the Soviet Army fought in Afghanistan, the Soviet press provided very little coverage. It was only after unprecedented public concern inside the USSR over the war began bubbling up that media coverage of the Soviet side of the war began to regularly take place.
This book contains a remarkable series of photos obtained from three main sources. One of the authors, the Polish journalist Wojciech Luczak, was allowed to visit Afghanistan on several occasions during the war, which allowed him to take photographs first hand of both Soviet and Afghan Army units. From contacts built up amongst Soviet veterans of the war, Wojciech was also able to obtain a large number of official Soviet photos of the war, never before published in the Soviet Union or anywhere else, These photos were captioned by Wojciech and Steve Zaloga. The third source of photos for this book comes from sources connected with the UN monitoring of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and were taken by D.M, Mair. These photos have been captioned by Barry Beldam.

Afbeeldingen van verschillende Soviet legerwagens, panserwagens en tank's.
Geschreven door Steven J.Zaloga, Luczak & Beldam.
ISBN nr.; 962-361-909-X
Aantal pagina's

  • 80.
  • 200 foto's.


  • Lang; 29,3cm.
  • Breed; 21,8cm.
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CO.2009 Armor of the Afghanistan War
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