AA39202 Spitfire Mk.I - Sqn.Ldr.Henry Cozens No.19 Squadron 19

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"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few" Winston Churchill

19 Squadron was the first to receive Spitfires which replaced their open cockpit, fixed undercarriage Gauntlets biplanes. For pilots, the Spitfire was a huge step forward in technology. K9789 was the first and was flown by Squadron Leader Cozens on 11th August 1938. At this time there were no training units or even manuals and pilots were provided with only basic instructions before making their first flights. Orders were received to use K9789 for intensive trials and over 400 hours were flown by squadron pilots in a very short space of time and the findings reported. Various propeller types were used and it was found that the constant speed propeller was the best. As a result, all operational Spitfires were fitted with them before the start of the War. A bulged canopy was also recommended and adopted on future production aircraft along with other suggestions. K9789 survived the war but was scrapped in 1945.

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Spitfire Mk.I - K9789, Sqn.Ldr.Henry Cozens, No.19 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Duxford, August 1940.

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AA39202 Spitfire Mk.I - Sqn.Ldr.Henry Cozens No.19 Squadron 19

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