Trumpeter 05606 USSR ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV Aircraft Carrier

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The Kuznetsov Clss heavy aircraft carrying cruiser, also known as Project 1143.5 or Orel Class, was constructed at Nikolayev South Shipyard on the Black Sea in the Ukraine. The Kuznetsov aircraft carriers displaced roughly 65,000 tons and for the first time carried conventional take-off and landing aircraft. These included navalized versions of fourth generation fighters, such as the Su-27K (later Su-33 ) and the Mig-29K, along with a converted Su-25 and several planned new designs. The bow of the Kuznetsov sloped upward in a twelve degree '' ski jump '', wich would permit short-take-offs from her relatively small deck. In addition to the air wing, Kuznetsov carried a dozen launchers for SS-N-19 anti-ship-missles, SA-N-9 and CADS-N-1 air defense complexes, and a pair of RBU-12000ASW mortars. Admiral Kuznetsovs was equipped with the Sky Watch 3D radar. Admiral Kuznetsov was lauched in 1985: the intervening political turmoil delayed her formal commissioning until 1991, and she did not become fully operational until 1995. A second-of-class vessel, the Varyag was launched in 1988 but was never commissioned. Admiral Kuznetsov is the only aircraft carrier in the Russian Navy. 

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  • USSR Admiral Kuznetsov 1985 - 1991

USSR Navy vliegtuigen aanwezig in dit pakket;

  • 4× Ka-27 Helix
  • 3× Mig-29K Fulcrum
  • 4× Yak-141 Freestyle
  • 3× SU-27K Flanker


  • Lang; 872 mm.
  • Breed; 249 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 755

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Trumpeter 05606 USSR ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV Aircraft Carrier

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