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                       M24 / CHAFFEE 

The M24 Chaffee was introduced by the US Army in 1944 in order to decommission the aged M3/M5 tank. It was equipped with a 7.5 cm gun which originated in aircraft construction and had very compact dimensions. Until it was available in sufficiently large numbers, only the reconnaissance units were equipped with it. It was strong enough to take care of itself and fas enough to be able to retreat with sufficient speed in the event of counterattacks. The Chaffee weighed 18.4 tonnes and had 2 Cadillac engines, each with 148 horsepower, which gave it a speed of up to 56 kph. In total just 5,000 vehicles were built and these were deployed on the Western Front in France and Germany and simultaneously in the Pacific against Japan. Later it was used successfully in Korea and by France in the war in Indo-China.

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  • US Army - 12th Armoured Division, 43rd Tank Battalion, France, Februari 1945.
  • US Army - 13th Armoured Division, 24th Tank Battalion, Germany, April, 1945.

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PK.40079 M24 / CHAFFEE

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