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Hobby Master HG3201 


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Fully Assembled - Authentic Scale - Die-Cast and Plastic Parts

The M26 Pershing was developed at the end of WWII as the successor of the M4 Sherman.

Weighing in at 46 tons with 127mm of armor, excellent agility and a 90mm M3 gun for its punch, the Pershing was a tank capable of standing up to the Panthers and Tiger I's. At the start of the Korean War the M26 was sent to combat the Soviet built T-34/85s. The M26 became the model for designing the M46, M48 and M60 tanks.

Marine Pershings were delivered in normal Army colors and share the standard olive drab finish. Delivered in normal Army colors of standard olive drab this M26 carries Marine Tactical markings in yellow to indicate the company, platoon and individual vehicle. The TK<2> marking is the temporary divisional insignia with embarkation number painted on it preceded by TK, for 1st Tank Battalion. The USMC painted over the Army registration number with the last digits – 118039 showing. White markings chalked on the front skirt probably are shipping markings.


  • Crew:       5 (3 in turret - 2 in hull)
  • Weight:    41.23tons
  • Lenght:    28 ft 4 in
  • Width:      11 ft 6 in
  • Height:       9 ft 1 in
  • Armament: 90mm M 3 gun, 2× .30MG (1 co-ax, 1bow) 1× .50AA
  • Armor:      12.5mm - 112.5 (on gun shield)
  • Powerplant: V8 500hp Ford GAN petrol
  • Max.speed: 30mph
  • Range:       100miles  

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  • M26 PERSHING - B Co., 1st Tank Battlion, US Marines, September 1950 Inchon.

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Hobby Master HG3201 

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Hobby Master HG3201 M26 PERSHING

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