PST72043 BZ-35S Fuel Truck Studebaker US-6

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Fuel truck BZ-35S was created in 1942, by mounting of the tank units of fuel truck BZ-35 on the chassis of the automobile '' Studebaker US-6 '' received by the Soviet Union from USA on the land-Lease Agreement. Creation susch fuel truck was caused by the manufacture of automobile ZIS 6 was stopped at the end of 1941 in connection with evacuation of the Moscow Automobile Plant. at the same time the issue of tanks and units without the chassis of the fuel truck BZ-35 was continued. Feul truck BZ-35S were applied in Red Army within Great Domenistic War to fuel servicing of both aircrafts and ground vehicles under the field condititions

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  • Soviet Red Army.
  • Soviet Air Force.

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PST72043 BZ-35S Fuel Truck Studebaker US-6
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