Hobby Boss 83519 French Navy Le Triomphant SSBN

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French Navy Le Triomphant SSBN

Hobby Boss 83519 


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Le Triomphant SSBN

The Triomphant is a strategic nuclear submarine of the French Navy; she is the lead boat of her class.

Triomphant entered active service in March 1997. On 18 october 2001, the fleet support service notified the DCN that Triomphant was about to take her first period of Unavailability for Maintenance and Repairs. the 150 million Euro contract was granted to DCN, with the IPER starting at IIe Longue on 2 April 2002, scheldud for 29 months in all. In this, her first major refit, her missles and the fuel elements of her nuclear boiler were disembarked. In August 2004 L`Humanite ran a piece with the headline '' Pas si Triomphant que ca '' reporting that Triomphant had sufferd a nuclear leak from one of her nuclear warheads by the end of 1997 anf from her reactor in 2004, though the FOST downplayed the incidents and staded no radiation had been released since the reactor had been unoperational at the time. she carried out a test flight of a M45 strategic missle on 1 February 2005 in the Atlantic. In the night between 3-4 February 2009, Triomphant collided with the Royal Navy submarine HMS Vanguard. Triomphant was reported to have proceeded to Brest under her own power, submerged, but with extensive damage to her sonar dome. 


  • Lang; 394.3 mm.
  • Breed; 53 mm.

Aantal onderdelen: 31+ en 2 Photho Etched parts

Humbrol verf kleur nr.'s; 16 / 18 / 33 / 34.

Schaal 1:350

Released by Hobby Boss in 2011.

Hobby Boss 83519 

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Hobby Boss 83519 French Navy Le Triomphant SSBN

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