REV00012 Messerschmitt Bf 109F

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Revell Classics limited Edition of 7500 pieces

The second major redesign during 1939–40 gave birth to the F series. The "Friedrich" saw a complete redesign of the wings, the cooling system and fuselage aerodynamics, and was powered by the 1,175 PS (1,159 HP) DB 601N (F-1, F-2) or the 1,350 PS (1,332 HP) DB 601E (F-3, F-4). Considered by many as the high watermark of Bf 109 development, the F series abandoned the wing cannon and concentrated all armament in the forward fuselage with a pair of synchronized machine guns above and a single 15 or 20mm Motorkanone-mount cannon behind the engine, the latter firing between the cylinder banks and through the propeller hub. This configuration was used by all subsequent variants. A handful of Bf 109Fs were used late in the Battle of Brittain in 1940, but the variant only came into wide use in the first half of 1941

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • Geschwaderstab JG 51, Kommandore Major Werner Mölders, Februari 1941, Western Front.

Aantal onderdelen; 70.

  •  Lengte 279 mm 
  •  Spanwijdte 307 mm.
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REV00012 Messerschmitt Bf 109F

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