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                   '' Avro Anson Mk.I "Late Version in RAF Service"

In 1933 Imperial Airways issued specifications callinf for new long range two engined aircraft. Avro Comagny according to these specification designed Type 652; two engined aircraft witf fabric covered wooden wings in low-wing position. fuslage structure made of metal tubing mainly fabric covered too. In 1934 the manufacture of two prototypes was ordered. The first one was test flown on January 7, 1935. It was the first aircraft from te long Anson sereis that was drawn ou of production not until 1952. Im 1934 Air Ministry issued specification for new coastel ant-submarine patrol aircraft. It was addressed to several compagnies but also to Avro. The Chosen designs were De Haviland DH-89M and Avro 652A. both aircraft were dertived from civilian version. Avro 652A was designed for crew of three with one fixed machine gun in nose and one flexible in dorsat turret. The bomb bay designed to carry anti-submarine bombs was located in center wing section. The first prototype of the military version took off on March 24 1934. It showed exellent range, endurance and generally higher performance than DH-89M. Avro won the competition. The production machines were designated Anson MK.I and were delivered to RAF from the beginning of 1935. Ansons were also exported to Australia , Finland , Ireland, Egypt and others. They were used by RAF for anti-submarine patrols. since 1939-1940 they were started to be replaced by Hudsons. during the war the main Ansons main role was crew trainning. Considering Commonwealth the Ansons were standard aircraft for aerial training. Ansons were in dismounted state also deliverd to Canada where got several types of engines. According to the used engines the aircraft were designated Anson MK.II and III. Some aircraft were also taken over by USAAF and designated them as AT-20. Later on a license production was started in Canada and further development. Newer Canadian versions got different fuselage with plywood skinning. The unarmed transport MK.X version was generally MK.I version with strengthened fuselage floor. The last war version MK.XI and XII got heightened fuselage and the post war versions got new all metal wings.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • Versie A: N9732/MK-V, 500. (County of Kent) Squadron RAF, Detling, June 1940, this Anson went together with two others into combat with the Bf109. Pilot P/O Peters shot down one Bf109, gunner LAC Pepper shot down another Bf109.
  • Versie B:  N9629, YG-E, ( Ulster ) Squadron Coastel Command RAF, Aldergrove, June 1940. The aircraft carried not typical small type A roundels.
  • Versie C: N9670, nr.9.FTS (Flying Training School) RAF, September 1939, Aircraft served by No.9 FTS till 16 October 1940 when it burnt down on the airfield in consequence of the attack of enemy

Aanta onderdelen: 86 + photo Etched parts

Gunze omnummeren naar Humbrol:

  •  A Gunze 54     HB 77 Matt Navy Bleu
  •  B Gunze 12     HB 33 Matt Black
  •  C Gunze 33      HB 133 Satin Brown
  •  D Gunze  8      HB 11  Metallic Silver
  •  E Gunze 77      HB 85  Satin Coal Black
  •  F Gunze 214
  •  G Gunze 218     HB 56 Metallic Alumium 
  •  H Gunze 45   
  •  I Gunze 17       HB 10 Gloss Service Brown
  •  J Gunze 153
  •  K Gunze 75       HB 126 Satin US Medium Grey
  •   L Gunze 73       HB 30 Matt Dark Green
  •  M Gunze   4       HB 69 Gloss Yellow
  •  N Gunze 457      HB 29 Matt Dark Earth

Versie A & B

  • A Gunze 73  HB 30 Matt Dark Green
  • B Gunze 457 HB 29 Matt Dark Earth
  • C Gunze 8    HB 11 Silver

Versie C

  • A Gunze 73   HB 30 Matt Dark Green
  • B Gunze 457 HB 29 Matt Dark Earth
  • C Gunze 4    HB  69 Gloss Yellow 
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SH.72074 ANSON Mk.I

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