SH.72131 BUFFALO Mk.I model 339 B/E

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                   '' Buffalo MK.I model 339 B/E ''  

Yhe ambitious originally body building Breswster Compagny became famous mainly for the F.2A Buffalo aircraft. The designers D.T.Brown and R.D. MacCart designed in 1936 an all-metal mid-winged fighter with retractable undercarriage for US Navy aircraft carrier fighter contest. US Navy looked for a replacement of obsolete F3F Biplane fighter. The prototype with the factory designation model 139 and military XF2A-1 took off in December 1937. US Navy ordered fifty four aircraft under the designation F2A-1 (factory designation model 239). Only few were put in service, the rest was sold to Finland. Im March 1939 US Navy ordered the Brewster Compagny to install the Wright R-1820-40 engine into the F2A-1 airframe. The new engine had better output comparing to the orginal R-1820-22. This was the birth of the XF2A-2 (model 339) prototype. It was equipped with new Curtiss Electric propeller with electrrical blade adjustment. Some orther internal modification were carried out too. US Navy ordered 43 aircraft of the F-2A-2 series in substitution of the F-2A-1 machines sold to Finland. Belgian Air Force ordered 40 aircraft of the model 339B, wich was the land based version of F2A2. Only two aircraft were to Belgium before it was occupled by Germany. The rest of this ordered aircraft were delivered to Great Brittain where it was named Buffalo MK.I ,Royal Navy unsuccessfully used them in the Mediterranean Theatre. Further Great Brittain ordered 170 aircraft of the model 339E though for its low performance these aircraft were moved to the CBI area. Mainly Australian and New Zealander squadrons flew these aircraft. When the war broke out these squadrons participated in heavy defensive flights and suffered heavy losses. Buffaloes completlely failed due to the low performance and the absence of the early warning system. Young and inadequately trained pilots usually got into clash with Japanese counterparts during climbing to the operational altitude. for these heroic deeds they deserve our credits. Similar fate had the Dutch Buffaloes pilots. Dutch East Indies orderd 72 aircraft of model 339D. They were put in combat with similar results as the British ones. The last Dutch Buffalo retreated to Australia in March 1942. 

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Versie A: AN172, No.21 Squadron RAAF, Sungei Patani, Pilot F./Lt J.R."Congo" Kinninmant, November 1941.
  • Versie B: W8138, No.488 Squadron RNAF, Kallang, Singapore, Pilot Noel C.Sharp, November 1941.
  • Versie C: W8209, No.453 Squadron RAAF, Sembawang, Singapore, Pilot Sgt.Mac N.Read, November 1941.

Aantal onderdelen : 57  ( 13 Resin parts)

Gunze verf omgenummerd naar Humbrol:

  • 33 Matt Black
  • 56 Metallic Aluminium 

Versie A ,B & C

  • A  Gunze 12  - HB 33 Matt Black
  • B  Gunze 302 - HB 149 Matt Dark Green
  •   Gunze 72  - HB 29 Matt Dark Earth
  • D  Gunze 74  - HB 23 Matt Duck Egg
  • F   Gunze 314 - HB 65 Matt Aircraft Bleu  
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SH.72131 BUFFALO Mk.I model 339 B/E

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