REV04841 International Space Station ISS

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The International Space Station is the largest man-made extra-terrestrial object. The construction and operation of this space station represent the greatest scientific and technical project ever carried out in global collaboration. Highly qualified engineers and scientists from 15 nations participate in the installation and have thereby created a serviceable centre for space research for peaceful purposes in a low orbit round the earth. Biological and materials sciences, technology, earth resources technology and astronomy have been given totally new impetus by this space station. The space lab circles the globe at a speed of approx. 28,000 km/h on an orbit between 350 and 450 km above the earth. One earth orbit takes approx 90 minutes. The station is powered by gigantic solar sails extending over a total area of 4,500 m² generating 110 kW of electric power. The individual components such as externalsolar collectors, experiment platforms, research and living modules are anchoredto a huge lattice tower structure. The total weight is approx 500 tonnes. The international partners who are participating in the construction and utilization of this space station include the USA, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe. The European Space Agency (ESA) is an important partner in this project and is responsible for the "Columbus" space laboratory (COF) and the automatic transport vehicle (ATV). A major NASA contractor, Boeing, is responsible for the tubular space frame, solar panels and various other modules. In future, the space station will provide a permanent orbital workplace for men and women from many countries and, according to the current schedules, should be completed in 2006. The first module went into orbit in 1998 and it will be assembled piece by piece within 12 years. The International Space Station is a platform, not only for leading edge know-how, but also for essential research into space and all its mysteries.

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  • Lengte   745mm
  • Breed  500mm


  • Aluminium square and round bars to support the structure are included in the kit
  • Display stand with earth hemisphere
  • Detailed lattice tower construction
  • Movable large solar panels
  • Detailed representation of modules
  • Experiment platforms
  • 2 Sojuz transport modules
  • Solar panels with finely detailed features
  • 3 robot arms
  • 3 astronaut figures
  • Decals with numerous emblems

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REV04841 International Space Station ISS

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